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  • Zlatin is born 1990 in Varna ,Bulgaria.
    First touch with house music he made in 2006 and that instantly became his hobby and favorite occupation.Till 2013 everything is mostly amateur, when he decides to organize some partys with "Kostone" Bulgaria event organisation in which he works with some of his friends.
    He starts his first participation with dj's like Eddie Richards and Nathan Coles from Wiggle.Released music for Labels like: minim.all , Alboratory , Harvibal , Whoyostro Music , Kootz Music , Lethal Script label , Noisy Nose Record and more.

  • NNR012 : Zlatin, Frank Motion - Ee Naa Ga! (Original Mix)

    NNR012 : Zlatin, Frank Motion - Yaa Mann (Original Mix)